Learning from home

Transform Your Students into Engaged and Confident Learners

Enable remote learning in an instant. Hit the ground running with pre-written activity templates created by classroom teachers. Pick the template you need, customize it to the needs of your students, and assign it to your class in a matter of minutes.

Say Goodbye to Grading

Grading Just Became a Total Cinch!

Spend less time grading as self-grading questions do the time-consuming work for you. Assess helps you provide regular feedback, store results in one place, and identify student knowledge gaps so you can revise your lesson planning accordingly. Teacher notes are stored on each student’s profile too, so you can speed up your report card writing.

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You’ve got this.

Expert Data Analysis and Reporting

Enrich your students’ digital learning experience while easily collecting that all-important (and accurate) data. Assess reduces the hassle of printing, manual grading, data collation, and synthesized reporting.

Whether in the classroom or learning from home, Assess keeps your kids in the flow of learning. Assess’s real-time monitoring puts your finger on the pulse, ready to adjust delivery or enhance the level of inquiry at the perfect moment.

We make it simple for you to do your best work as a confident, committed, teaching professional.

Privacy & Security

No More Lost Passwords

Forget about interrupted learning due to misplaced usernames and passwords. You’re in control of your students’ logins.

Ensure consistency across multiple classes in the school by sharing activities with your colleagues in just a few clicks. Use Assess on any device, and with highly dependable servers behind our digital platform, you can relax knowing your students’ data is safe and secure.

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Use Assess for...

  • Pre- and Post- Tests

  • Lesson Warm-Ups

  • Brain Breaks

  • Quizzes

  • Games

  • Surveys

  • Worksheets

  • Ice-Breakers

  • Differentiation

  • Practice Questions

Smart and Professional

Here's what Assess can do for you...

  • An e-Learning Tool for the Modern Classroom

    Create, share, grade, and monitor student progress through engaging pre-written or self-authored content. Regardless of the experience or its application in the classroom, gauging student comprehension has never been easier. Simply download the results and comments in an instant to prove it.

  • Content Authoring – Clean and Simple

    Start from scratch in minutes with our intuitive builder tool. With 7 multipurpose question types to choose from, your activities are guaranteed to be fit for purpose – no matter the subject, grade level, or student capability.

  • Get Going with Pre-Written Activity Templates

    Copy and customize our pre-written activity templates in one simple step so you can hit the ground running and get digital or printed teaching materials in the hands of those students who need it most.

  • Grading and Student Feedback

    Beautiful. Conversational. Easy. Assess’s self-grading question types, clean activity response, and student feedback layout makes grading a simple, painless task that is rewarded with instantaneous feedback and results.

  • Accurate Reporting – Every Time

    Our real-time data collection and reporting dashboards provide teachers with crucial up-to-the-minute class and student progress views as well as post-activity results, all calculated and aggregated for at-a-glance evaluation and decision-making.

Student Engagement – Fast and Simple

  • Share Now or Share Later

    Easily manage when and how your students or classes can access the activities you assign. Respond in a timely way, with grades and comments, and reissue assessments as you see fit, whether on the same day or months apart.

  • Audio Reader for Questions

    Our student experience offers an audio reader to support different abilities, age levels, and competencies through to successful activity completion, time and time again.

  • Student Progress Tracking

    Real-time learning differentiation with real meaning. Gain a deeper understanding of your learners in an instant with Monitor results. Our simple graph views afford you the insight you need to respond quickly and decisively.

  • Easy Rotation and Class Device Sharing

    Lacking enough devices for your students? No problem! Print the activities and then input student responses for digital grading ease, or use the My Teach Starter app to facilitate device sharing.

  • Device-Ready and Accessible Anywhere

    Support a high standard of visual, motor, and cognitive learning styles with an exceptional digital experience from projector ... to desktop ... to device! Plug and play in browser, or use our app.

  • Built for Safety and Data Security

    Teach Starter’s faultless security standards protect the platform and your private account data from all the ‘cyber nasties’. Your creations and data are completely under wraps, for your eyes only.

Help When You Need it the Most

No matter the time of day or the need, you can rely on Teach Starter’s friendly customer support to be there to get you through. Teach Starter customer support can be accessed via email at [email protected] or via our online chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read all our helpful tips and Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Who is Assess for?

    Assess is an e-learning digital activity builder and sharing platform for all. Every Teach Starter member can use the product! Plus members can use Assess without limitation, and all other members can have 3 free activities all year round.

  • How does Assess manage data?

    Assess does not store any identifiable student data, only a name created by the class teacher. This name is stored against the students' records and encrypted for extra security. All student data is stored on servers local to your (the Teach Starter member's) profile location.

  • Can I share my activities with colleagues?

    Use our helpful 'Share' feature to share one of your activity templates created by you, with colleagues for friends. Those contacts will get an email with a link to their copy of the activity.

  • How do students access Assess?

    Students can access Assess independently, via a browser or App, using a username and password created by their teacher, or using the My Teach Starter App, teachers can facilitate shared device sessions with ease.