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Practise technical skills safely in fundamental movements


  • practising combinations of fundamental locomotor and non-locomotor movements to a range of musical accompaniment, for example, running and sliding; bending and stretching; running, swinging, walking and stretching (Skills: Numeracy, Personal and Social Capability)
  • developing body awareness and refining technical skills of body control, accuracy, alignment, strength, balance and coordination in fundamental movements in response to teacher’s feedback and observation of other dancers’ technical skills (Skills: Personal and Social Capability)
  • demonstrating safe dance practices, for example, warming up their bodies before executing more complex movement patterns in dance sequences and cooling/calming down afterwards; removing socks if the floor surface is slippery (and clean) (Skills: Personal and Social Capability)
  • building confidence and resilience through practising technical skills (Skills: Personal and Social Capability)

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