Australian Curriculum Categories


Investigate and devise representations of people in their community, including themselves, through settings, ideas and story structure in images, sounds and text


  • creating a sequence of images, sounds and text or a combination of these to clearly establish the beginning, middle and end of a story or event (Skills: Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • taking a series of photographs that show themselves and their friends as comic superheroes and villains through setting, costume and body language (Skills: Literacy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • constructing realistic representations of the classroom or other community locations and then constructing fictional versions of the same space (Skills: Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • experimenting with tension to create meaning and sustain representations (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • Considering viewpoints - forms and elements: For example - What images will I use and in what order? (Skills: Critical and Creative Thinking)

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