Australian Curriculum Categories


Concepts for developing understanding

The content in the geography sub-strand provides opportunities to develop students’ understanding of place, space, environment, interconnection, sustainability and change. The curriculum in Year 7 focuses on understandings about water as a natural resource and the liveability of places. Students investigate the nature of water as a natural resource and its flows through environments on different continents (environment, interconnections, place). Students examine how water is used and managed (sustainability), the causes and effects of phenomena such as scarcity and hazards (environment, change), and how diverse groups value water, (place, interconnection). Students also explore the liveability of places (place, space, environment, change) in relation to diverse people and places, familiar and distant (place, interconnection, environment). Students examine influences on the liveability of places (environment, interconnection, place) and strategies that enhance liveability, especially for young people (space, interconnection, sustainability, change).

Inquiry Questions

  • How does people’s reliance on places and environments influence their perception of them?
  • What effect does the uneven distribution of resources and services have on the lives of people?
  • What approaches can be used to improve the availability of resources and access to services?


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