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End of the School Year in the Words of Michael Scott

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Anyone else obsessed with The Office? We have a number of die-hard fans in the Teach Starter office so we did a poll of their favourite Michael Scott moments and have matched them perfectly with how teachers may be feeling as the end of the school year quickly approaches!

Moving Classrooms

Picture this, you’ve been in the same classroom for the last 5 years, and you find out a week out from school finishing that you’ll need to move classrooms…

Another Lovely Teacher Mug

When you receive another mug from a student as a gift, and whilst you are super appreciative of the gift, you know it will be added to the stash of mugs you already have!

Too Early for Christmas Craft

When the Principal walks past your classroom and you’re doing Christmas crafts… even though you’re not meant to be!

Kmart Shopping Trip

When you go to Kmart for one new thing for your classroom set up for next year… but end up with a trolley full!

Dressed as a Christmas Tree

When you realise you need to fill up your car with petrol the one morning you’re dressed as a Christmas tree for the end-of-year concert…

The Final School Bell

It’s been a long year… and that sweet sound of the school bell at the end of the last day rings.

The Joys of Christmas Craft!

When the kids want to get the glitter out during Christmas craft.

Teacher Bestie Fun!

Last day shenanigans with your teacher bestie!

School Christmas Concert

When you’re trying to get your kids to smile and do their actions during the school Christmas concert.


And.. that’s a wrap.
We hope you’re able to enjoy the end of this school year and have a wonderful break.


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