Happy Halloween Craft Activities for Kids

Halloween Craft Activities for Kids Teachers Students Classroom

Written by Bronwyn

It’s October, which means Halloween is approaching, and we have heaps of Halloween craft activities and Halloween teaching resources for your class! Here at Teach Starter, we know this celebration (like many others) isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve been hanging out for the fun of October 31st, we’ve got you sorted!

The ancient Celtic tradition of Halloween is now observed in a growing number of countries. Our Halloween Teaching Resource Pack is a ready-to-download kit full of displays and activities relating to this fun occasion!

But if you’re looking to get crafty, take a look at these Halloween craft activities for kids!


Happy Halloween Craft Activities for Kids

Pine Cone Foxes

Halloween Craft Activities Pinecone Foxes

To make these cute little critters, your students will each need:

  • some pine cones (possibly foraged on an adventure walk)
  • our free Fox Craft Template 
  • some staples from your craft supply cupboard (scissors, a marker, glue and felt squares).

How to make:

  1. Cut out the fox pieces from the Fox Craft Template.
  2. Place them on sheets of felt, making sure the eyes, nose and feet are a dark colour which will stand out. Trace the pieces with a marker.
  3. Cut out the fox pieces.
  4. Use craft glue to stick the fox’s body parts to the pine cone (hold each piece for 30 seconds or until secure).

Friendly Scarecrow

scarecrow autumn holiday halloween fall autumn craft activity

This simple-yet-effective-craft requires:

  • Twelve pop sticks per student
  • Orange paint
  • Craft glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Natural raffia or straw
  • Beads or googly eyes
  • A black marker
  • A decorative flower
  • Coloured felt

Teacher Prep:

Each student requires two pop sticks with their curved ends cut off. This will need to be done by an adult with sharp scissors. Be careful! The wood can splinter, so safety goggles would be a plus.

How to make:

  1. Lay out nine pop sticks in a row, vertically.
  2. Using glue, attach a trimmed stick at both the top and the bottom of the row of sticks. Wait until dry.
  3. Paint remaining stick orange (or the colour of the hat) and allow to dry. This is the brim.
  4. Once dry, flip over the glued sticks and paint a straight, slanted line at the top to make the top of the hat. Fill in top portion with coloured paint.
  5. Attach the single painted across the front of the sticks as the brim.
  6. Glue on eyes and felt triangle nose.
  7. Draw on smile.
  8. Add a decoration to the hat.
  9. Attach straw for hair to back of the scarecrow.

Painted Pine Cones

painted pine cone craft halloween activity kids

Left-over pine cones? Paint them up in Autumn hues (like these candy-corn-inspired ones). String them up together to make a lovely class bunting decoration, or attach some ribbon so students can hang them up at home.

Its simplicity makes this one of my favourite Halloween craft activities for kids!

Apple Pinch Pots

apple pinch pots Halloween craft activities for kids

Who remembers making pinch pots in art class as children? This lovely variation on the traditional pinch pot requires students to look at the cross-section of a real apple and squash and mold their pinch pot into a crooked creepy apple (complete with seeds!).

All you’ll need is:

  • Clay
  • Acrylic paint
  • Varnish or clear PVA glue (optional).

How to make:

  1. Make a basic pinch pot. You may find it handy to show students the above video.
  2. Observe the shape of a cut apple (cross section)
  3. Squash the top and bottom of the pot to replicate the shape
  4. Add seeds and leaves
  5. Allow to dry (or fire in kiln)
  6. A spray of varnish or coat of clear PVA glue will add a bit of glossy protection to your pots.

Looking for something a little more spooky? We have more Halloween craft activities for you to browse!

Happy Halloween from the Teach Starter Team!

We’d love to see your Halloween craft activities for kids over on Instagram.


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