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Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Bump it up walls aren’t a new thing, in fact, we have had printable bump it up wall templates available on the website for a couple of years now. Partnered with these resources, we’ve also written a number of blogs that provide hints and tips on how to use this display in the classroom. However, this text type-specific bump it up wall is next level… amazing!

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Not only does it have four levelled persuasive writing examples, but it also clearly outlines specific text type requirements that are included in each text example. Plus, the download includes explicit statements about what could be done to each piece of text to ‘bump’ up the writing.

This is a must-have display when teaching persuasive writing to your students.


Persuasive Writing Examples Used in a Bump it Up Wall

The aim of this visual learning display is to help your students ‘bump up’ their persuasive writing. The display enables your students to identify their approximate level of writing by using the persuasive writing examples provided.

Each example has the exact same topic – Dogs Are the Best Pets!

Persuasive Writing Examples for Kids

The amazing benefits to this resource don’t stop there, the next step is for your students to use the goals provided to ‘up-level’ their writing.

Give your students a sense of ownership over their own writing goals!

We have created a Persuasive Writing Bump It Up Wall for Middle Primary and a Persuasive Writing Bump It Up Wall for Upper Primary.

Persuasive Writing Self-Checklist

When you download this amazing persuasive text resource, you’ll find a collection of statements that emphasise what has been included in each persuasive writing example. This is a fantastic tool for students to refer to during their writing, almost like a persuasive writing self-checklist.

It’s also a great teaching tool to use when initially introducing the text type of persuasive writing to your class.

Persuasive writing bump it up wall

Visible Learning in the Classroom – Individual Writing Goals

This visual display makes it super easy to set individual writing goals for your students. In fact, they can pretty much pick their next writing goal to work towards. Why not have a number of the ‘This piece of writing could be improved by…’ cards close by so students can take their goal with them and leave it in their student desk to remind them each time they do their writing.

Students can also bring their goal with them when having a writing conference with you so you know what it is they are working towards. Because, we are all human and trying to remember each student’s goal for each subject area can get a little tricky!

Persuasive writing bump it up wall

Now, I know what you’re thinking… what about the other text types?

Well, you’re not the only one – we have had a number of requests for the same layout for other text-types. Head to our Request a Resource and see if there are already requests you can vote on – the more votes the better!!

For more persuasive writing resources, check out our collection…
Persuasive Writing Resource collection.

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Comments & feedback

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I’d love to know where the banner is on teach starter as i cant find it. I love that it is the same colours as the text examples

Susan Pascoe · Feb 18th, 2020

Hi there, the banners are all included in the drop-down options on all of the text-based bump it up walls. Just check out the little arrow beside the green download buttons.

Holly (Teach Starter) · Feb 19th, 2020

Can you please make a 3/4 narrative writing bump it up text examples like this please!!

Aimee Eberhard · Aug 25th, 2019

Thanks for your request Aimee! Feel free to search our request a resource function as we have had many other teachers request this and you can vote on these requests to get completed. If a request gets enough votes, it will be created by our resource team 🙂

Emma (Teach Starter) · Aug 26th, 2019

Would love this for all the different text types for upper primary

Ashley Howse · Aug 4th, 2019

Thanks for your comment, Ashley. Feel free to search our request a resource function as we have had many other teachers request this and you can vote on these requests to get completed.

Holly (Teach Starter) · Aug 5th, 2019

I would love to see a GAT / extension text added for stage 3 or Year 6 students that excel.

Za-Za Swift · Aug 1st, 2019

Hi Za-Za, great idea! Feel free to make a resource request change by using the options at the bottom of the resource! Thanks for your feedback.

Holly (Teach Starter) · Aug 2nd, 2019

cant access

Sandra Stone · Aug 1st, 2019

Hi Sandra, I’m sorry you’re having issues accessing this resource. Can you let me know what is happening when you try to access the resource?

Holly (Teach Starter) · Aug 1st, 2019

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