Teachers Share Cringeworthy Home Readers

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Recently our friend Megan Daley from Children’s Books Daily was culling old home readers in her school library when she came across some REALLY inappropriate books that were destined for the bin! You know those ones you take a photo of in utter amazement that they have been written and send them to your teacher colleagues? Well, we asked teachers to share these photos with us and… well.. the evidence is shocking!

Here are some utterly horrendous, jaw-dropping home readers that have been circulating school libraries for decades!

It’s mind-boggling that these have been read thousands of times.

Home Readers That Need to Go!

We couldn’t go past some of the crazy home readers that Megan shared on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Plus, we’ve included a few others that teachers have shared with us!

Gossip Girl Vibes

This one is slightly terrifying and screams Gossip Girl to me… anyone seen that show? And, then there is the issue of cyber safety with the kids. This one needs to go!


Suntan Anyone?

Yes, we have certainly learnt a lot about the implications of a ‘sun tan’ looking healthy. This mum looks so happy to be getting burnt… it’s time to go!


We Have no Words 🙊

We actually have no words for this one sent in by the lovely Tam from @misslearningbee. Some of these books really make us wonder what the authors were actually thinking!


History Lessons

And, then there are some that I guess could be used in History lessons. ‘Shopping with Dad’ – what’s that white book he is writing on and how does that pay for the goods?

‘Women at Work’ describes all sorts of important jobs ‘that women can do’. Thanks to Megan Daley for these crackers!


Terrible Words 🤐

At least they didn’t include said words in the book I guess…


Ashtray anyone?

But, how does the child know about ashtrays and the little round spot for the cigarette to sit in?


We hope these old readers made you giggle. It does shine a light on how far society has come with some of these topics.

Head on over to our Facebook Group – Teacher Talk to share your home reader crackers today!


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