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Written by Alison Smith

It’s been an extraordinary year! The Teach Starter team have cherished every moment of creating unique and inspiring teaching resources to make your classroom buzz!

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To make sure that you don’t miss any of the hot favourites, here are the top ten downloaded teaching resources for 2019.

Narrative Sentence Starter Cards

Our Narrative Sentence Starter Cards are a big value teacher favourite. Coming in at number 10, it’s clear that a huge number of teachers are using these cards to encourage their students to develop skills in imaginative writing.

a set of narrative sentence starter cards.

For more information on how to use this teaching resource, read my blog 10 Brilliant Ways to Improve Narrative Writing in the Classroom.

Glorious Grammar Volume 1 – Worksheet Book

In at number 9 is the Glorious Grammar Volume 1 – Worksheet BookSo why is this teaching resource so popular? Well, perhaps it’s because it includes 50 grammar activities! This teaching resource is designed to supplement teaching grammar in context. It provides a weekly grammar focus, with 5 activities per week, for 10 weeks.


This resource is aligned with Paragraph Study Interactive PowerPoint. Download and use the Glorious Grammar Volume 1: Teacher Notes for advice on how to use the two together in the classroom. To learn more read my blog 50 Activities for Teaching Grammar.

Funky Reindeer

It’s a FREE download, it’s super FUN and students LOVE it! The [FREE] Fun Reindeer Craft Template is our 8th most popular teaching resource download for 2019.


Take a look at our Funky Craft Activities for a collection of printable templates for funky craft activities! These teaching resources help students with fine-motor skill development in a fun and engaging way.

Visual Daily Timetable

Essentials will always make the top ten downloaded teaching resources. Our Visual Daily Timetable includes over one hundred general classroom activity cards to use as a visual timetable. So, it’s no surprise that it’s come in at number 7.

Top Teaching Resource Downloads

Simply, print out these Visual Daily Timetable cards, then cut and laminate them. Stick them on your board as a visual reminder for your students about the daily schedule.

Dressing Up a Sentence Activity

Our Dressing Up A Sentence Activity includes an easy to use writing template and 60 boring sentences to make interesting! Hitting the charts at number 6, it’s clear that this teaching resource delivers.

a teaching resource to develop writing skills. For ways to use this resource in the classroom, check out our blog, Expanding Sentences | FREE Resource Download to Improve Writing.

Narrative Writing Planning Template

In at number 5, it’s Narrative Writing Planning Template. Why did this make the top 5? Well, it comes down to its simplicity and effectiveness. This teaching resource speaks for itself and is a classroom essential.

a narrative planning template to scaffold writing.

Head to our Narrative Writing collection for an extensive range of teaching resources that focus on narrative writing skills.

20 Editing Worksheets – Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

20 Editing Worksheets – Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation hits the teaching resource charts at a proud number 4. Each text has a sheet with editing marks already provided, as well as a sheet with space to add your class’s specific editing marks. Also, answers sheets are provided!

an spelling, grammar and punctuation activity to develop editing skills.

This much-needed teaching resource is ideal to use when learning about editing a piece of text and developing editing skills. This teaching resource includes twenty pieces of text, with twenty errors in each.

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences Worksheet Pack

3 is the magic number! You guys love our set of 6 worksheets teaching the concept of simple, compound and complex sentences.

an essential teaching resource to develop grammar skills.

This teaching resource is ideal to use in conjunction with your existing grammar programme or to consolidate knowledge and understanding. Head to our grammar collection for more must-have teaching resources.

Funky Easter Bunny Craft Template

Last year we introduced the Teach Starter Insta Bunny. It was a craze that swept the nation, nay, the world! Why? Because it’s a quick and easy Easter craft activity that requires little planning and preparation. But, not only that, it’s FUN so students love it!


No wonder this is our 2nd most popular teaching resource download.

Report Card Comments

Essentials win every time! This seriously useful teaching resource comes in at number 1!

Our Report Card Comments include sample report card comments for General, English and Mathematics. These comments have been broken down into sub-headings in each section. This teaching resource is the ultimate time-saver, teacher guide and motivator!

sample report card comments for General, English and Mathematics.

Love them or hate them, report cards are part of school life. Are you vowing to start your report card writing earlier next year? Read my blog 10 Tips for Writing Report Card Comments.

So there we have it – the top ten downloads for 2019! Excitement is building in anticipation for the new teaching resource that we are planning to create in 2020!

If you have a great idea for a teaching resource, make a request via our Request a Resource Widget.   

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