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Are you teaching Year 1 this year? Kick start your planning with our Year 1 Back-to-School Teaching Resource Pack. A vibrant and fun teaching resource pack that has been hand-picked by early years teachers themselves and will get you ready for your best year yet!


Our teachers have selected 20 Year 1 teaching resources and bundled them up into a handy back-to-school teaching pack. These carefully selected resources from across the curriculum will inspire your teaching for the first days, weeks… and beyond.

Wanting to know what’s included? Check out this blog for just some of the amazing resources included…

Rainbow Classroom Theme

As teachers, we know the importance of effective classroom organisation. Because of this, we have included some useful essentials from our gorgeous Colours of the Rainbow Classroom Theme Pack.

These templates are not only super useful, but they are super colourful and sure to brighten any dull classroom.

Printable rainbow classroom decor

As part of the Year 1 Back-to-School Teaching Resource Pack the following rainbow-themed templates are included:

  • Welcome Sign and Name Tags
  • Jop Chart
  • Grouping Posters
  • Class List

Fun Birthday Display for the Classroom

We couldn’t help but include our bright cupcake birthday display in this pack. How cute is it?

Printable cupcake birthday display for the classroom

 Essential Daily Warm-Ups

You don’t want to miss our Year 1 Daily Warm-Up – PowerPointThis teaching resource will go a long way towards setting you up for the best year ever! It includes 50 literacy and numeracy warm-ups! So, that’s one warm-up a day for ten weeks of inspired learning!


These daily warm-ups have been carefully crafted to suit a Year 1 classroom. Warm-ups such as the activities featured in this PowerPoint prepare students for learning and increase levels of participation. Simply display each activity on your interactive whiteboard when students enter the class or return from a break.

Build a Vocabulary Rich Classroom

Exposing young minds to new vocabulary is vital, especially in the early years of primary school. Therefore, we have included our 43-page Word of the Week Flip Book within this back-to-school resource pack.

Word of the week resources for Year 1

In this word of the week flip book, each page contains:

  • a new word
  • the definition of the word
  • an example sentence, showing the word being used in the context
  • an illustration for reference.

For a collection of fantastic ideas for including word of the week in your classroom, read our blog, Word of the Week | Expanding Vocabulary in the Classroom.

Code Cracker for the Win

No need to prepare an activity for the first day back – we have you covered with this fun, yet engaging group of activities. In our Let’s Cooperate Code Cracker, your students will enjoy working with their new classmates to solve each of these puzzles.


For more information about this fun back-to-school code cracker, read our blog – Team Building Activities for Kids | Get Your Students Working Together!

Narrative Teaching PowerPoint

This 20 slide editable PowerPoint is the perfect addition to your classroom when exploring narratives with your students. The PowerPoint has been designed to teach your students about the text structure of narrative texts, using the model of fairy tales.

The Exploring Narrative Texts PowerPoint includes:

  • an explanation of the narrative text type
  • an overview of fairy tales
  • annotated example texts
  • whole-class and independent review activities.

This PowerPoint is part of our Exploring Narrative Texts Unit Plan – Year 1 and Year 2.

20 Teaching Resources

To find out what other teaching resources are included and to claim your  Year 1 Teaching Resource Pack click on the link below.

Year 1 Back-to-School Teaching Pack

This is your year to be the teacher you were meant to be!

Looking for a resource pack for a different year level? Head to our Back-to-School Teaching Resource Packs collection.

Download your Year 1 Back-to-School Teaching Pack now!


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