Episode 6

Cyber Safety - The STOP Strategy

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Do you spend time learning online using device like a laptop or a tablet? Digital technologies are super cool - they can be a key to unlocking amazing learning opportunities. But there are some very important rules to follow if we want to stay safe online. Today, my friend Trent, a teacher from The Cyber Safety Project, is going to share with us the STOP strategy for staying safe online. Get comfy and listen in!  Links with the Australian Curriculum Online safety in learning areas For all year levels, online safety is explicit in Health and Physical Education, Digital Technologies, English and The Arts - Media Arts. In the primary years, it is easier to address online safety holistically through planning and programming. An overview of online safety in general capabilities The online safety curriculum connection provides a framework for all young Australians to understand their digital environments and relationships and be discerning in managing challenging situations. From the Australian Curriculum Portfolio for Online Safety. For lots of resources on teaching kids about cyber safety, head to Teachstarter!  

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