Episode 3

Guided Meditation for Kids - Body Scan

Recorded by | Run time: 15 min, 22 sec


Health and Physical Education - Personal, Social and Community Health Meditation helps us to calm and focus our minds so that we can be more effective learners. Teacher/Parent Notes: - Try to make mindfulness mini-sessions a special time of day. Schedule 5 minutes a day, at a time that suits you and your children. - A small change in the environment helps children focus on mindfulness practise. You may like to change rooms, dim or turn off the lights or close curtains or blinds. - These guided meditations are highly effective when practiced in a quiet space. Curriculum Connections to ACARA Health and Physical Education strand: Personal, Social and Community Health Foundation: Identify actions that promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS006) Years 1 and 2: Recognise situations and opportunities to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS018) Years 3 and 4: Participate in outdoor games and activities to examine how participation promotes a connection between the community, natural and built environments, and health and wellbeing (ACPPS041) Years 5 and 6: Plan and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS054); Love Learning is a podcast by the teachers at Teach Starter. Visit our website for amazing Learning from Home teaching resources.  

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