Episode 15

Narrative: Cinderella

Recorded by | Run time: 4 min, 15 sec


A telling of the popular fairy tale, Cinderella as an audio resource for primary school children. 

For ways to incorporate this podcast story into your literacy lessons, visit our blog. 

Take a look at our Exploring Narrative Texts Powerpoint for Grades 1 and 2. 

Australian Curriculum alignment

  • ACELA1447
  • Understand that the purposes texts serve shape their structure in predictable ways. 

  • ACELT1584
  • Discuss features of plot, character and setting in different types of literature and explore some features of characters in different texts.

  • ACELA1463
  • Understand that different types of texts have identifiable text structures and language features that help the text serve its purpose.



  • Discuss the characters and settings of different texts and explore how language is used to present these features in different ways. 

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