Episode 19

Poem: Spring is Here

Recorded by | Run time: 1 min, 15 sec


A poem about the season spring.

Take a look at our comprehension worksheet asking questions about the poem ‘Spring is Here.’

Read more about this poem and many other Springtime activities in our blog 12+ Fresh and Fun Spring Activities for Kids.

Australian Curriculum alignment

  • ACELA1463
  • Understand that different types of texts have identifiable text structures and language features that help the text serve its purpose. 

  • ACELA1478
  • Understand how different types of texts vary in use of language choices, depending on their purpose and context (for example, tense and types of sentences). 
  • ACELA1490
  • Understand how texts vary in complexity and technicality depending on the approach to the topic, the purpose and the intended audienceElaborationsbecoming familiar with the typical stages and language 


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