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Do you need to set up a classroom reward system? If your answer is an emphatic 'yes,' this collection of teaching resources will help you implement a classroom reward system that makes over your behaviour management this school year! This collection has been carefully created by the teachers on the Teach Starter team and includes themed classroom displays, brag tags, desk charts, pen licences, and tracking and progress charts. Each printable and digital resource has been designed to help promote and engage students with positive reinforcement and encourage teamwork between students in the classroom.

Classroom Reward Ideas

Our teacher team has been in your shoes, and we know you have a lot on your plate. We want to help you figure out what kind of feedback and classroom reward systems are going to work best for your students. After all, traditional classroom reward systems can have their place, but we want our students to really learn to love learning and to be motivated by more than a strip of stickers that 'earns' them something from the prize box at the end of the week. We want our students to be confident, intrinsically motivated and resilient learners, especially when faced with an area of exploration that is outside of their knowledge comfort zone! Here are a few tips from our teachers on becoming just that!
  1. Encourage student ownership of the reward system. Give your students the opportunity to develop the classroom reward system. They can brainstorm and vote on the types of behaviours and rewards that are used. Our printable classroom reward systems contain ideas for different rewards, but ask your students! You may be surprised by how simple some of their most desired rewards can be!
  2. Give regular feedback on learning and behaviour to students and carers. Feedback about learning and behaviour should be frequent and early, establishing high expectations and providing consistent reminders of those expectations.
  3. Facilitate rich and engaging learning experiences. Open-ended, hands-on tasks are fantastic for fostering intrinsic motivation. Whenever possible, try moving away from traditional worksheets and 'stand and deliver' lessons. Provide students with hands-on, open-ended activities, try out an in-class flipped learning experience, or even simply get outside for a change of scenery!
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