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2D Shapes and Symmetry Worksheet

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF, Word | 4 pages | Years: 3 - 4

A two-page worksheet to use when addressing the concepts of 2D shapes and symmetry.

This worksheet covers the following concepts:

  • types of lines (parallel, horizontal, vertical, perpendicular)
  • 2D shapes, including types of triangles
  • line symmetry
  • rotational symmetry.

An answer sheet for teachers is also included.

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  • Graeme Andrews

    I second this- can this be done or added? This post was made some time ago?

  • Caroline Saville

    this worksheet has shapes that are too common for describing their properties- they learnt a rectangle, hexagon and pentagon i n Stage 1. It would be great to have a 2D shape worksheet that answered the Aust Curric indicator of identifying different shapes and quadrilaterals in different positions. Also ones that have to use the language of polygon, regular and irregular etc. Another useful worksheet would be one for identifying shapes within shapes (stage 2 yr 4 indicator for geometry) thanks!