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Five Wonders Theme Park: Takeout Takeover – Project

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PDF | 11 pages | Years: 4 - 6

A project for students to create a menu and food truck model for Five Wonders Theme Park, based on the Frida's Fiesta menu.

Welcome to Five Wonders Theme Park, the best theme park in the entire world!

This teaching resource is a crossover activity with the Five Wonders Theme Park and Frida’s Fiesta Stimulus projects. In this scenario, the Mexican food truck at Five Wonders is not doing well, so Frida’s Fiesta has bought the spot and hired you to create a food truck version of the restaurant. The aim is for student to use their own knowledge and ideas to craft a fast-food menu for a food truck, based on the menu at Frida’s Fiesta. Students will get the opportunity to:

  • design a menu
  • set a pricing budget
  • design and build their own food truck.

Students will examine the eateries at Five Wonders Theme Park and whether they are competitively priced. Then, using the Frida’s Fiesta menu, they will design a ‘mini menu’ that would suit a food truck environment. Students will get to learn about and reflect upon  real-world scenarios, such as competitive marketing and luring consumers to their product. At the end of this project, students should have created an attractive menu and a built a physical food truck model designed from the template included in this project.

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