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Goals - Reading (Lower Primary)

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF, Excel, Word | 1 page | Years: F - 3

Thirty-five reading goal cards for lower primary.

This set of goals have been designed to help students develop their reading skills. These goals help students to reflect upon their work and become more responsible for their own learning.

Print, laminate and stick a small magnetic strip to the back so they can be stuck on to your classroom whiteboard. Blank cards are also included for personalised goals.

Use the PDF Checklist to track all of the goals for each student.

The Excel Spreadsheet can be used to track the goals for all of your students. In the Excel spreadsheet, you can type a ‘y’ to get a green box that indicates the student has achieved that goal, an ‘n’ to indicate the child has not achieved the goal yet and a ‘w’ to indicate that the child is working toward achieving the goal.

These goal labels can be used in conjunction with

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teaching resource

Goals - Literacy (Lower Primary)

A set of 90 goal cards focusing on literacy for lower primary.

Teach Starter Publishing4 pagesYears: F - 3


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  • jess m

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that there is a mistake on the reading goal that says use digraphs and blends to sound out words. In squid the s-qu-i-d is how you phonemically sound it out. If you are highlighting a blend then it should really be the 'squ' and if you are highlighting a digraph it should be the 'qu'.

    • jess m

      Sorry, I didn't read the comments and review section properly. I have copied and pasted this comment into the 'report and error' tab. Please feel free to delete this comment from the comment section.