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Individual 2D Shapes Blue Print Posters

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 1 page | Years: F - 7

2D Shapes and their names, diagrams and properties on individual posters.

Print these posters out and laminate them. Put them up somewhere in your classroom that is visually accessible for your students.

The posters show the picture, name and properties for a Square, Circle, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, Rhombus, Parallelogram, Quadrilateral, Oval, Octagon, Scalene Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, Right-Angled Triangle, Equilateral Triangle, Kite and Trapezium.


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  • Melanie Jones

    Hi, trapeziums only have one parallel side, not two.

    • Melanie Jones

      Never mind, I see it does not mean pair.

  • Lisa Taylor

    The right angle triangle poster says that it has 2 sides of equal length ... yet it is perfectly possible to have a right angled scalene. Could the poster be amended? Also, the illustrations are of regular polygons. Could irregular pentagons, hexagons and octagons be added? Thanks!

    • Scott (Teach Starter)

      Sorry for not seeing this comment (years ago!)... we have updated the text right-angled triangle text. We have also added a black and white version. Thanks again for letting us know!

  • Michelle Powell

    Clear, informative, concise.