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Apple Tree Addition and Subtraction Mat

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Solve addition and subtraction problems up to 10 with a hands-on apple maths centre.

Hands-On Addition and Subtraction!

Research has shown that students with access to manipulatives, like our apple counters, show higher engagement, understanding, and retention levels. The tactile nature of these materials stimulates multiple senses, activating different areas of the brain and facilitating a deeper connection with the ideas being taught. Students establish a kinesthetic relation to mathematical operations by physically manipulating the counters, improving understanding and problem-solving abilities.

Apple Maths Activities for Early Years!

Use this resource in your classroom when learning to solve addition and subtraction word problems using concrete objects. With an apple theme, it’s a perfect maths activity for students!

Give the student a simple word problem that involves apples on an apple tree. Students will use the apple cutouts to solve the problem. Then they will use number cards to create the matching number sentence underneath.

For a great extension activity, why not have your students generate a problem situation to match their number sentence?

This resource is great to use with your guided maths groups.

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