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Understand how to use knowledge of known words, base words, prefixes and suffixes, word origins, letter patterns and spelling generalisations to spell new words


  • talking about how suffixes change over time and new forms are invented to reflect changing attitudes to gender, for example 'policewoman' or 'salesperson' (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • using knowledge of known words and base words to spell new words, for example the spelling and meaning connections between ‘vision’, ‘television’ and ‘revision’ (Skills: Literacy)
  • learning that many complex words were originally hyphenated but are now written without a hyphen, for example ‘uncommon, ‘renew’, ‘email’ and ‘refine’ (Skills: Literacy)
  • applying knowledge of spelling generalisations to spell new words, for example ‘suitable’, ‘likeable’ and ‘collapsible’ (Skills: Literacy)

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