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Expressing and developing ideas

Based on the Australian Curriculum, Expressing and developing ideas in English Year 1 includes:

  • ACELA1451 Identify the parts of a simple sentence that represent ‘What’s happening?’, ‘What state is being described?’, ‘Who or what is involved?’ and the surrounding c...
  • ACELA1452 Explore differences in words that represent people, places and things (nouns, including pronouns), happenings and states (verbs), qualities (adjectives) and details such as when, where and how (adverb...
  • ACELA1453 Compare different kinds of images in narrative and informative texts and discuss how they contribute to meaning
  • ACELA1454 Understand the use of vocabulary in everyday contexts as well as a growing number of school contexts, including appropriate use of formal and informal terms of address in different contexts

Topics in Expressing and developing ideas

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