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Phonics and word knowledge

Based on the Australian Curriculum, Phonics and word knowledge in English Year 2 includes:

  • ACELA1825 Understand that a sound can be represented by various letter combinations
  • ACELA1823 Use knowledge of letter patterns and morphemes to read and write high-frequency words and words whose spelling is not predictable from their sounds
  • ACELA1824 Use most letter-sound matches including vowel digraphs, less common long vowel patterns, letter clusters and silent letters when reading and writing words of one or more syllable
  • ACELA1471 Understand how to use knowledge of digraphs, long vowels, blends and silent letters to spell one and two syllable words including some compound words
  • ACELA1474 Orally manipulate more complex sounds in spoken words through knowledge of blending and segmenting sounds, phoneme deletion and substitution in combination with use of letters in reading and writing
  • ACELA1472 Build morphemic word families using knowledge of prefixes and suffixes

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