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Expressing and developing ideas

Based on the Australian Curriculum, Expressing and developing ideas in English Year 4 includes:

  • ACELA1493 Understand that the meaning of sentences can be enriched through the use of noun groups/phrases and verb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases
  • ACELA1494 Investigate how quoted (direct) and reported (indirect) speech work in different types of text
  • ACELA1495 Understand how adverb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases work in different ways to provide circumstantial details about an activity
  • ACELA1496 Explore the effect of choices when framing an image, placement of elements in the image, and salience on composition of still and moving images in a range of types of texts
  • ACELA1498 Incorporate new vocabulary from a range of sources into students’ own texts including vocabulary encountered in research

Topics in Expressing and developing ideas

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