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Concepts for developing understanding

The content in the geography sub-strand provides opportunities to develop students’ understanding of place, space, environment, interconnection, change and sustainability. The curriculum focuses on the factors that shape the characteristics of places. They explore how climate and landforms influence the human characteristics of places, and how human actions influence the environmental characteristics of places (change, environment, place, interconnection). Students examine the way spaces within places are organised and managed (space, place), and how people work to prevent, mitigate and prepare for natural hazards (environment, place). Students’ mental map of the world expands to Europe and North America and their main countries and characteristics (space, place, environment).

Inquiry Questions

  • How do people and environments influence one another?
  • How do people influence the human characteristics of places and the management of spaces within them?
  • How can the impact of bushfires or floods on people and places be reduced?



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