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Explore dramatic action, empathy and space in improvisations, playbuilding and scripted drama to develop characters and situations


  • experimenting with empathy to develop characters and relationships in drama and considering perspectives, exploring responses and challenging stereotypes (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding, Intercultural Understanding)
  • exploring physical, fictional and emotional space to create characters and situations and imagined feelings (Skills: Numeracy, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • manipulating dramatic action and use of available theatre technologies to create different meanings (Skills: Literacy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • comparing different ways improvisation and scripted drama create characters and action, and evaluating drama from other cultures and considering how they can use specific techniques in their own work (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Intercultural Understanding)
  • Considering viewpoints - forms and elements: For example - How is the voice, movement, gesture and the body used to represent a character, situation or idea? How did the performers use the elements of drama? How can the devised drama be developed to communicate meaning? (Skills: Critical and Creative Thinking)

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