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Whether you’re returning to the classroom or teaching remotely, we are here to support you with teaching resources and tools for back to school. Enjoy amazing giveaways, hundreds of back-to-school resources, and access to remote learning tools.

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Blended Learning Boost

We understand that your classrooms might feel a bit different this year. For those needing support for a blended classroom and online learning environment, use these links to blended learning resources and helpful online tools.

  • Blended Learning Resources
  • Parents and Homeschool
  • Online Lesson Builder

Request a Resource

This back to school, our team of experienced teachers are ready to make as many of your resource wishes come true as possible. With 25 years of combined teaching experience, Nat and Garrett will make sure your resources are crafted with student engagement at the top of mind. Our talented designer Alyssa will make your resource visually engaging and professional. We cannot wait to hear all your resource ideas – so start requesting now!

Request Rumble

The most popular requests as voted by you! Requests with the most votes have a higher chance of being selected.

  1. Mathematters

  2. Coffee/Tea Shop Theme

  3. Giant Colouring


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  • Do I need to pay for a resource that I requested?

    Yes, resource requests are premium resources, and you will need to purchase a subscription or pay for the single resource. Our Plus Plan is currently 50% off during back to school, so you can access our entire library of premium resources at half price for a limited time!

  • How will you decide which requests to produce?

    We will consider many factors when choosing resource requests to create, including the number of votes it has and the amount of time it will take to produce. If you see a request that you would love, be sure to give it a vote.

  • When will resource requests be made?

    We are always accepting and producing resource requests. From August to October, we are making a special effort to create as many as possible. If your request isn’t created during this time, it may still be created later! Requests with more votes are likely to be completed sooner.

  • Do I need a Plus Subscription to request a resource?

    No, we accept resource requests from free and Plus members. If you have not signed up to Teach Starter yet, create a free account now and start requesting!

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