20 Fun Visual Brain Teasers for Kids in the Classroom


Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

By incorporating visual brain teaser challenges into your classroom, you’re providing your students with the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Plus, brain teasers are lots of fun and children love them! In our populuar blog, 10 Visual Brain Teasers Kids will Love! we showcased the best visual brain teasers that we could find on Pinterest. In response to your enthusiasm, we have created our very own Visual Brain Teaser Task cards for the classroom.

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Benefits of Using Visual Brain Teasers in the Classroom

We know that kids love a little challenge, but what are the real benefits of using visual brain teasers or puzzles in the classroom?

Using brain teasers and puzzles:

  • develop logical reasoning abilities
  • develop critical thinking
  • boost brain activity
  • provide emotional satisfaction
  • improve concentration
  • increase student engagement.

Visual Brain Teaser Task Cards

With all this in mind, you’ll want to download one of our most recently published resources to the Teach Starter website, our Visual Brain Teaser Task Cards. These task cards have been arranged into levels of difficulty to help you find what you need and differentiate the challenges you provide to your students.

A set of 20 beautifully illustrated and fun visual brain teaser task cards your students will be begging to try and solve!

Visual Brain Teasers for Kids

How to Incorporate Visual Brain Teasers Into the Classroom

1. Fast Finisher Activities

These task cards are the perfect addition to your fast finisher activities in your classroom. Laminate and store them in a container for your students who finish their set work earlier than others. They can independently pick a task card that they can then solve themselves.

2. Morning Brain Activity

Get your students’ brain ticking as they enter the classroom. Display an easy, medium and hard visual brain teaser task card on the whiteboard. Students can then pick the difficulty level they feel comfortable solving.

3. Small Group Dynamics

In small groups, students need to solve a provided visual brain teaser. This provides another dynamic life skill for your students – teamwork. The ability to work effectively in a group is an important skill that children need to learn. Teamwork also helps children feel like they are part of a community.

Bring an element of fun by providing each group with the same brain teaser task card and get them to race against the clock. Which team can work it out first?

Visual Brain Teasers for Kids

Do you use brain teasers in your classroom?

We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section of this blog!

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