28 Punctuation Resources and Activities


Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Punctuation Activity Ideas

Sentence Sorting Activity

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I used our dinosaur tray labels in studio to type dinosaur inspired sentences. I created a mix of statement and question sentences. Students then need to sort the statement or question sentences into the correct punctuation box.

Sentence Sorting Activity

Contraction Folding Cards

Use this set of contraction folding cards to reinforce how contractions work with your students. They fold the cards to cover the end of the word on the left to show where the two words join together, using the apostrophe, to make the contraction.

Contraction Folding Cards

Show Me Activity

A quick and easy activity that can be done in the last five minutes of a session. Students have this cute pockets (I bought empty CD pockets) with each of the main punctuation marks that I printed from our Superhero themed punctuation set. The students listen to a sentence that you could read out of a book or make up. They must decide which sentence ending is correct and hold it up. If they get it wrong the sit down. The last student standing is the winner!

Punctuation Activity

Other activity resources:


Punctuation Displays and Posters

Punctuation Posters (Lower Primary)

Use this set of bright, vibrant punctuation posters,suitable for the early years, to reinforce the main punctuation marks.

Punctuation Posters - Lower

Punctuation Posters (Upper Primary)

The older students will love using this punctuation display to remind them of some more complex punctuation. Looks great set up above a black/whiteboard.

Punctuation Display - Upper

Punctuation Tracking Ladder

Track your students punctuation skills by using this cute punctuation ladder display.

Punctuation Tracker

Punctuation Comic Poster

The cutest punctuation poster you will ever see! Kids will love it…adults too.

Punctuation Comic

Other resources for punctuation classroom displays:


Use our teaching PowerPoints to help in the scaffolding of your students knowledge of punctuation. Our editing PowerPoints are also a great tool to gather data about where students punctuation knowledge currently sits.



Use our punctuation worksheets to consolidate the learning of punctuation.

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