6 FREE School Holiday Art Activities for Kids

size free art and craft activities for young children by teach starter

Written by Cassie (Teach Starter)

Simple Art and Craft Ideas for Children

School holidays have begun here in Queensland, and I’m sure I’m not the only parent who is already hearing “I’m boooooored” from their kids!

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While our children definitely need a break from the mental and physical routines of term time, it doesn’t take long to realise that our perception of just how much rest and relaxation they need is vastly different from theirs. Soon enough, their bodies and minds crave the same kind of stimulation they receive in school each day, and this can be challenging to cater for in our homes.

With school holiday boredom in mind, I’ve compiled a list of six simple art and craft activities you can do at home with your kids, using some of the FREE primary resources available here on the Teach Starter website.

1. Easy Art: Line Drawings

Printable A4 template for line drawing artwork for kids activity for children

This activity for kids meets my favourite “Doing Art At Home” checklist: it is easy to set up and can be completed mess free!

Line drawings can be made in a variety of different ways, engaging young children for a decent chunk of time (which is our main goal, right!?).  Kids are able to create this artwork independently, with the materials being as simple or as elaborate as you would like.

STEP 1: Provide your kids with something they can draw on, such as:

  • a sheet of plain A4 paper is the perfect starter
  • print out our free template for an A4 line drawing
  • tape a length of craft or butchers paper to the kitchen floor (rolls are available at Kmart or Ikea).

STEP 2: Choose your drawing tools, examples include:

  • coloured pencils, felt pens or crayons (great mess-free option)
  • paint, or glitter glue pens (check out the craft section at Daiso for these)
  • older kids might enjoy working with a set of graphite drawing pencils or watercolour pencils.

STEP 3: Show your child how to draw a series of lines from one edge of the paper to the other, you could do this by:

  • using a ruler (great fine-motor skills practice)
  • drawing free-hand lines to create curves and other shapes.

STEP 4: Colour in and decorate the shapes created by the lines, using the drawing tools you chose in Step Two.

2. Make Your Own: Dr Seuss BookmarksFree printable A4 page with four illustrated bookmarks. Each bookmark has a different Dr Seuss quote. Free to download from Teach Starter as a holiday craft activity for children

Download this colourful free bookmark template to create four different Dr Seuss bookmarks. While they can simply be printed, cut out and laminated, here is another way that encourages your child to practise their fine motor skills:

STEP 1: Print out the free templates and cut out the four individual bookmarks.

STEP 2: Cut up some cardboard boxes from the recycling. You will need pieces that are at least as long as the bookmarks.

STEP 3: Glue each of the printed Dr Seuss bookmarks onto a piece of cardboard.

STEP 4: Trim the excess cardboard around each bookmark.

STEP 5: Read!

3. Free Colouring In Pages

Examples of artwork ideas for kids showing three free printable colouring activities with a frog in a pond illustration

Our free primary resources section has a wide variety of downloadable activities.

This cute frog drawing is available as a simple colouring in sheet, a colour by numbers activity sheet, and as a free printable poster.

Check out some of our other free colouring in pages for kids:

4. Draw Your Own Comic Strip

free printable comic book template - school holiday artwork for kids

Full disclosure: My husband drew this comic… But let’s be honest, he’s basically a big kid too!

Help your child tap into their creative imagination using this free downloadable comic strip template.

Comics don’t always have to be about superheroes (although, this is always a fun idea for a story!). If your kids are stuck for an idea, have a look at the free Writing Prompts widget.

This widget will generate a random picture along with a great list of story ideas and suggestions underneath the image.

visual writing prompts

5. Easy, Colourful Kite Art

When I turn off the TV and ask my five year old what he wants to do, the answer is almost always “Craft!”. Much like the Line Drawing activity, this kite artwork can be as simple or as elaborate as you are comfortable with.

Instructions for creating the complete artwork, as pictured above, are included in your download, but here are some easy steps to turn this into a simplified craft activity for small children.

STEP 1: Download and print our free kite art activity template.

STEP 2: Choose a kite shape from templates and cut around the black border.

STEP 3: Choose some materials and decorate the kite. You might like to use:

  • crepe paper streamers or coloured paper cut into squares
  • colouring in pencils, felt pens or crayons
  • or, stickers.

STEP 4: Choose a material for the kite tail and strips, each 30cm in length. Ideas for the kite tail include:

  • crepe paper streamers
  • strips of fabric
  • wool or ribbon.

Attach the strips to the bottom of the kite using sticky tape, a stapler or glue.

STEP 5: Display proudly in your home!

6. Finish the Drawing Robot

artwork for small children - free printable robot drawing activity

If, like me, you’re a bit of a perfectionist who cringes a little each time you print out a low-quality colouring in image from Google, then this school holiday art idea is for you!

Your kids can refine their drawing skills by copying the half of the robot on the sheet, and then colour or decorate it in any way they would like to.

Download our awesome Finish the Robot drawing activity from our free primary resources category for this simple art activity for any school aged child.

collage of the six free art and craft activities for children available at teach starter

There you go! Hopefully, now when met by the inevitably whiney “but I’m bored!” school holiday soundtrack, you might feel a little less overwhelmed, and a little more ready to say…

“Bring it on, kids!
You want something to do?
I’ll give you something to do!”


Or, if you’re reading this post again for the seventh time because your Energiser Bunny children have already worked their way through this list of art activities, never fear!

Here are some other favourites from our free resource collection:

We’d love to see the art and craft activities your children create during these school holidays. Send us your photos on Facebook, or use the #teachstarter hashtag on Instagram to share your inspiration!

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