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Black Lives Matter Movement, Closing the Gap for Indigenous Uni Students and Teaching Persuasive Writing in the Early Years

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Let’s take a look at all that’s happened on For the Love of Teaching this month!

Closing the Gap for Indigenous University Students

In this episode, Ben Lewis, originally a secondary teacher, talks about his experience completing his prac and working in a rural setting in Newman, WA. He also talks about the unique challenges faced by Aboriginal students when it comes to accessing tertiary education. Ben discusses the need for more Aboriginal professionals in the community, and how the program he oversees supports aboriginal students to reach their academic goals.

Teaching Persuasive Writing in the Early Years

Persuasive writing in the early years is a complicated skill to master. Understanding the generic structure of a persuasive text, using correct spelling and punctuation with varied sentence structure, and understanding and incorporating the persuasive devices is a lot!

In this episode, Early Years teacher and blogger Holly shares her top tips and best resources for teaching persuasive writing to young children.

Mr D Spills the Tea – The Black Lives Matter Movement – Amplifying Voices

Mr D tells us what is happening in the US, talks about the importance of “passing the mic” to people of colour, and chats about the importance of being an ally in the movement. Most importantly, we talk about the role of teachers in self-education, and education of young people.

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