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More Funny Teaching Memes

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It’s term holidays here in Australia but we all know that teachers certainly don’t stop work (or at least thinking about work) just because school is out! With that in mind, don’t forget to take 5 every now and again to rest your mind and remember that teachers really do have one of the funniest jobs in the world! Have a 60-second giggle in between your holiday marking, planning and Pinterest-ing with this collection of the funniest teaching memes around.

1. Sleep

When you are exhausted but there is really NO chance you’ll be getting to sleep without meditation, massage or a glass or wine!

2. Three Second Memory

We’ve all been there! Even supermarkets sell stationary! This has to be one of the biggest reasons why it’s hard to stick to a personal budget…

3. Best Dressed Teachers, Worst Dressed Citizens

If you’ve taught in a small town, even dressing like this won’t bring the anonymity you sometimes crave!

4. Initia-what?

Time spent lesson planning: 1 hour.
Time spent crafting amazing learning experience within lesson plan: 45 minutes.
Time spent wrestling with MS Word to create amazing handout to go with amazing learning experience: 75 minutes.
Time students spend reading said handout: 0 minutes!

5. Iced Coffee

Today will be the day you drink your coffee hot, right?!

6. Game Face

Just one of the dozen points you try to address during your ten-minute parent-teacher interview…

7. Daily Inner Monologue

When your students join forces for the less-productive kind of “team effort”…

8. Memories

Maybe I’m showing my age here. Okay, I totally am because Men in Black is 20 years old this year! If you don’t get this meme watch the first 30-seconds of this YouTube video.

9. That’s My Circus

Don’t you love those days when you’re rushing to class about three-minutes after the bell has gone, only to be greeted by a cacophony that you really wish wasn’t coming from your classroom?

10. Ageing Gracefully

What are you talking about? Teaching is one of the easiest jobs in the world!

There you go! I hope that gave you a good giggle!

If you’re in the mood for a little more, check out our last 10 Funny Teaching Memes Post.


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