Logic Puzzles for Kids | Mini-Mysteries!

Logic Puzzles for Kids | Mini-Mysteries!

Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

It’s no secret that classroom activities that encourage deeper thinking are worth their weight in gold. That’s why logic puzzles for kids are such a hit, for teachers and students alike!

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Logic puzzles such as riddles, Sudoku, and mazes are fun, bite-sized activities that you can use to break up your lessons. As well as this, they also have a lot of other benefits too!

Mini-mystery-detective - Logic puzzles.

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By turning your students into mini detectives, logic puzzles:

  • help to improve memory
  • develop better problem-solving skills
  • work visual-spatial reasoning
  • work to increase IQ.

Our talented designer, Clayton McIntosh, came up with some brilliant logic puzzles for kids that we just couldn’t wait to share with you! Take a look at our new resources – the fabulously brain-challenging Mini-Mysteries!


Mini-Mysteries for Every Age

Available in three challenging levels, our mini-mystery worksheets are all you need for a fun warm-up or fast-finisher activity.

Read the clues and use your powers of deduction to work out the solution to the mysteries!

Mini-Mystery - Who stole the cookie?

Who stole the cookie? Suspect B is allergic to eating cookies so it can’t be them… or can it?

The star rating at the top of each mini-mystery tells you the degree of difficulty for the task.

Mini-mystery activity - logic puzzles for kids.

Can we trust those triangles? Use your knowledge of 2D shapes and right angles to determine the correct key!

Students read the statements made by the characters and use logic and reasoning to eliminate ‘red herring’ characters who are trying to trick them!

Mini-Mysteries - Who won the race?

Who won the race? Use mathematical thinking to figure it out!

Use these fun activities as a whole-class stimulus challenge. Alternatively, distribute to individual students as a fun reward activity!

Cold Hard Facts

Not only do these mini-mystery activities help your students with their memory and logical thinking, but they also provide kids with an opportunity to read between the lines.

Track the Clues

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Thinking through the cold hard facts enables children to determine if the suspects are trying to trick them – even though they may be telling the truth!

Colour It When You're Done

Your students will love the opportunity to show their powers of deduction by solving these mysteries. When they’re done, they can colour them in! Or, why not challenge them to create their very own mini-mystery and swap with a friend?

We’d love to know if you want even more mini-mysteries!

If you love these activities and are keen for more, make sure to use our Request a Resource widget to let us know!

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