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Meet Our Teacher - Paul Willey

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Paul Willey

Paul is a Brisbane-based Content and Resource Manager with a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), a Bachelor of Education (Primary) from QUT and 15 years of teaching experience. Paul joined Teach Starter in 2018 as a Resource Producer, sharing his passion for all subjects through creating worksheets, Unit Plans, videos and more!

Paul became a teacher in order to do something worthwhile and inherently good. He also enjoys working with children because he acts like a kid himself, something his students have always responded to! While Paul loves all subjects, he’s most passionate about Mathematics, which can be seen in his blog on Maths Planning in the Classroom.

You can view more of Paul’s engaging creations below.

Paul’s Work

The Famous Faces of Yesteryear – The Art of the Interview

An educational video designed to introduce students to the art of conducting the perfect interview.

Facts of the Matter PowerPoint Presentation

A 22 slide editable PowerPoint to use when teaching your students about the states of matter in Science.

Electricity Explained Worksheet

A worksheet that explores the concept of electricity. Students examine a diagram of an electrical device and then explain how it operates using their knowledge of electricity.

What is Electricity? A Bright Spark's Teaching Guide - Electricity Explained

Measuring Length with Dinosaur Footprints Worksheet

Use this activity and worksheet when introducing students to the concept of measuring length using informal units. Students use the dinosaur footprints provided in the resource to measure the length of various objects around the classroom.

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  • Wendy F

    The polaroid printable link doesn't work and a search returned nothing.

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Hi Wendy, I'm sorry, I'm not sure what link you are referring to? If you could let us know which link isn't working and then we'd be more than happy to assist you further.

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