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The ULTIMATE Kindness Display for the Classroom

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Are you looking for a way to engage in meaningful discussions about the importance of being kind? Not just being kind to our classmates, but also ourselves and the environment? Why not set the tone for the rest of the year with our adorable kindness display for the classroom. This interactive and collaborative display for the classroom is a great way to make sure that everyone in your class is committed to their kindness intentions. Why not keep it up for the rest of the school year to remind your students that…

…being kind is totally cool!

Sprinkle Kindness Around Like Confetti with This Classroom Display

So, what’s difference between this kindness classroom display and others that you may find on the web? This display is also a collaborative activity! Not only will it brighten your classroom, but it also forms the perfect new year activity to ease your students back into learning in a meaningful way.

Why not set it up at a table with more copies of the mindmaps and brainstorming pages as an invitation to write? Students can then add the display throughout the term or year.

This resource is sure to brighten your classroom in a joyful way! Also available in black and white, you could print this resource on coloured paper and still create a fun display.

What’s included in this printable kindness display for the classroom?

  • A beautifully designed banner that you can use as a heading for your display.
  • A rainbow mindmap where students can write down random acts of kindness.
  • Kind is Cool poster – students write down a list of buildups they could say to their classmates.
  • Bee Kind to Yourself poster – students write down a list of personal affirmation they could say to themselves.
  • Be Somebody’s Sunshine poster – students can draw what being kind looks like in the sun or brainstorm and write them down.
  • Be Kind to the Environment poster – students write down a list of things they could do to be kind to the environment.

With such a variety of different things to think about – you could focus on one a day for the first week. Really spend time talking about what the poster is asking you to think about. You could also download our Kindness Reflection Mini Book which is all of the above included in one little mini-booklet that each student could complete and keep all for themselves!

We have a huge collection of Kindness Resources and Activities that you may also like to check out.


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