Uninterrupted teaching with online lessons

Our online lesson builder allows you to create digital lessons for your students to complete remotely.

Upload a video or an image, add text and include resources, then share securely with students via a unique link. The simple format of our online lesson builder allows students and parents to view lessons and download resources without the need for a Teach Starter account.

Your lesson is secure! Students must enter a pin of your choice to access the lesson.

Access for Free

Create a lesson online in 4 simple steps

  • Upload an image or video

  • Assign teaching resources

  • Write lesson instructions

  • Share with your class


  • Upload your own video

    Record a lesson from home, then upload and share with your students.

  • Add a video from YouTube

    Introduce your lesson or provide stimulus with a video from YouTube.

  • Attach Teach Starter resources

    Students and parents download resources without a Teach Starter account.

  • Share your lesson

    Share your lessons with students via a shareable link.

  • Add to Google Classroom

    Students can access the lesson through Google Classroom.

  • Safe and Secure

    A unique four-digit pin code ensures only your students have access.

Teach Online Now

Facilitate Online Learning

We understand that you and your students can’t always be in the classroom.

There will be occasions where you will need to teach online, or your students will need to learn at home. We want to support teachers in ensuring the continuity of children’s education during times of school closures, personal leave, or travel.

That’s why we’ve made this tool completely free and made lessons accessible to students and parents without the need to create an account.

Build A Lesson

We create resources that make classrooms buzz!

Easily download and print thousands of curriculum-aligned teaching resources for your class.