Student Generated Word Wall

Student Generated Word Wall image

Photo by Kate Archibald
Posted Friday August 5, 2016

Throughout classroom activities, reading and investigations, when students find an interesting, important Olympics word for the word wall, they add it to a velcroed, laminated card after checking their spelling. This means that the language is generated and added by the students as relevant. The cards are removable as a reference and constantly being changed! 🙂 I love doing this with my Teachstarter word wall blank pages and so do the kids!

Olympic Games – Word Wall teaching resource is featured in this photo.

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Comments & feedback

  • Thanks Kate for sharing your student generated word wall of The Games.
    It looks fantastic! What a great use of this resource.
    Kind regards, Victoria.

    Comment by Victoria (Teach Starter) on August 8, 2016 at 9:57 am

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