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Classroom Theme Pack

by April Bradford

Is it possible to make a Pokemon themed classroom pack?
Name tags
behaviour charts
grouping charts
and anything else you can offer 🙂

Year 6 / Literacy

Comments & feedback

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  • Great for kids with Autisum and who like Pokemon

    Comment by Leanne Oliver on October 17, 2016 at 10:43 am

  • Hi April,

    Thanks again for submitting your request to Teach Starter.

    We have reviewed your request (Classroom Theme Pack) and determined that it does not meet our Teach Starter Request Guidelines (TSRG).

    We welcome you to revise your request and submit it again. However, please take the time to review the Request Guidelines before submitting.

    You can read the TSRG here: https://www.teachstarter.com/about/teach-starters-request-guidelines/

    As the request was for trademarked characters, it was necessary for us to go through the proper channels to gain permission to use these images. Unfortunately, we have not received permission to use them in this capacity due to the copyright conditions.

    If you have any questions in regards to this message or feel that your request has been wrongfully rejected, please reply and I’ll be happy to help.

    Kind regards,

    Official comment by Jill (Teach Starter) on November 25, 2016 at 9:29 am

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