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Lt McGavsss Complete

by Kieran Sly

Lt McGavsss is an acronym used for students to remember keys aspects of Visual Literacy. A poster with the words relating to each letter and also an explanation of what each words means fitting within the poster would be great.

Layout: LAYOUT is how the visual is layered such as what is in the background, foreground, middle ground.
Texture: TEXTURE connects our sense of sight with touch such as when a visual has smooth or jagged lines.

Modality: HIGH MODALITY the visual looks ‘real’ and LOW MODALITY the visual is abstract.
Colour: COLOUR shows feelings and creates a mood, encouraging us feel a certain way when looking at a visual.
Gaze: The way the subject/s in a visual is/are looking creates a GAZE that is a demand (looking at you) or offer (looking away from you).
Angle: A visual is framed at a particular ANGLE such as high angle, low angle, eye-level, bird’s eye view.
Vectors: The line that our eyes take when looking at a visual, VECTORS create a reading path.
Shot:A visual is framed in a SHOT such as close up, medium shot, long shot.
Salience: The part of the visual our eyes are drawn to first has SALIENCE.
Symbolism: The use of an image to represent one or more (often complex) ideas is SYMBOLISM.

Key Stage 2 / Literacy

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