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Reading Comprehension Strategies Complete

by sarahj15

Could you please make a set of posters that identifies the following key strategies that a good reader can use…(these can be reworded etc)
Making Connections – We make connections with what we already know with the new ideas and information that we are reading about.

Monitoring – We monitor what we are reading and make sure that it makes sense, if it does not, we stop and think about why.

Clarifying – If what we are reading does not make sense, we then take action to understand and figure out what we do not understand by clarifying. Actions could be using a dictionary, asking an expert, sharing ideas…

Predicting – We find clues in the text, such as the title or pictures, and make really good guesses about what we think will happen.

Inferring – As we read we think about what the author wants us to think and feel, they have given clues for the reader.

Questioning- We ask questions to help clarify and understand the ideas and information we are reading. We ask questions before we read, whilst we read and after we have finished reading.

Summarising – When we summarise we think about what we know and understand to be the most important ideas we have read.

Visualising – We think about what we ‘see’ as we read. We form pictures in our mind of what we are reading. We use our senses to build this picture.

Thank you!

Year 2 / Reading

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