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Rewards Coupons Complete

by Bec

Can you please make business card size (approx) reward coupons with pictures for each coupon. Grouping them with different coloured borders.
I have just completed a quick summary. I am happy for the words to be adjusted.

Green Border-

Special Sticker

Teal Border-

Class Certificate
Seat swap for a day
Lolly jar treat
Read a book to the class


Pillow for a day
Snuggle Buddy for the day
Treasure Box
Wear a special hat
Bring in show and tell

PURPLE border

You’re so sharp choose a new pencil
Canteen voucher
Congratulations card
Use teacher’s stationary for the day
Slippers for a day
Technology for 15 minutes

Please make sure each card has a matching picture and make it colourful to help motivate the children to want to achieve.


Year 2 / Behaviour Management

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