Say Hello to Starter Sheets

Starter Sheets are a 'one-stop-shop' for all the data related to a resource. They provide information such as planning, preparation and implementation times, lesson objectives and success indicators, curriculum codes, and suggestions for differentiation. Also included are the resource's demonstrated higher-order thinking skills, and our 21st Century Skills, which are the general capabilities required by students in these modern times. There's even a 'Make It Buzz' section that suggests how to make our already engaging resources even more fun!

All the pedagogical information related to a resource in one easy document!


Features of Starter Sheets

Teachers of all grades and levels of experience can use Starter Sheets. These helpful overviews can assist educators with their planning, help track progress through the curriculum, and help provide justifications for the resource's use to the curriculum administrators.

  • Curriculum Alignment

    Lists the Australian, NSW and Victorian curriculum codes covered by the resource.

  • Differentiation

    Contains suggestions for assisting and/or extending your students.

  • Make It Buzz

    Details practical and/or creative suggestions to make these highly engaging activities even more fun!

  • Modern Skills

    Highlights the general and higher-order capabilities developed by the resource, including

    • 21st Century skills
    • higher-order thinking skills
    • motor skills.

  • Shaping Success

    Provides everything needed for your students to succeed, including:

    • the required prior learning
    • lesson objectives
    • success criteria.

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Starter Sheets are now available for all project-based resources, such as experiments, inquiry tasks and math investigations. They can be accessed as part of the Teach Plus subscription.

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