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Math 4.7

Geometry and measurement. The student applies mathematical process standards to solve problems involving angles less than or equal to 180 degrees. The student is expected to:

  • (1) illustrate the measure of an angle as the part of a circle whose center is at the vertex of the angle that is "cut out" by the rays of the angle. Angle measures are limited to whole numbers;
    • (A) illustrate degrees as the units used to measure an angle, where 1/360 of any circle is one degree and an angle that "cuts" n/360 out of any circle whose center is at the angle's vertex has a measure of n degrees. Angle measures are limited to whole numbers;
    • (B) determine the approximate measures of angles in degrees to the nearest whole number using a protractor;
    • (C) draw an angle with a given measure; and
    • (D) determine the measure of an unknown angle formed by two non-overlapping adjacent angles given one or both angle measures.


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