Nanci from Blackwood, Australia


Written by Nanci Morrison
Posted Wednesday March 30, 2016

All of the resources are well made, beautifully presented and engaging for students to either look at or work with. I love teach starter and am so thankful to have found such a great resource collection. The fee is only a few hours pay if you think about it and I saved myself that much work within the first 15 minutes!

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Guided Reading Folder Templates | The Must Have Teaching Tool

This guided reading folder is going to refresh the way you organise and run your guided reading sessions.


Fun Easter Bunny Craft Idea

Posted Tuesday March 28, 2017 by Holly (Teach Starter)

Teach Starter Funky Easter Bunny Craft Idea

These Easter bunnies are doing their rounds on social media...and it's no wonder why - they are super cute and easy!! Read more...

7 Cute and Easy Animal Origami for Kids

Posted 2 days ago by Holly (Teach Starter)

Origami isn't just a fun activity for your students to engage with, it also has a surprising number of educational benefits! Read more...

18 Amazing Mindfulness Activities for the Classroom

Posted Wednesday August 30, 2017 by Cassie (Teach Starter)

18 Amazing Mindfulness Activities for the Classroom

Mindfulness is a superpower that your students can master with just five-minutes practise a day. Check out this list of 18 quick and amazing mindfulness activities for the classroom. Read more...

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