39 Eye-catching Classroom Theme Ideas (2019)

Holly (Teach Starter)

Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Are you looking for an easy way to theme your classroom this school year? 

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Teachers all around the world begin their school year with a classroom ‘theme’. While this isn’t for everyone, having a classroom theme can certainly alleviate any stresses you may have about setting up your classroom for the new school year. No need to search high and low for a particular theme on various websites and education shops – we have…

…everything you’ll need at the click of a button!

Even if ‘theming’ your classroom isn’t your thing. These beautifully designed templates and posters can certainly uplift any classroom environment.

Looking for a fresh new theme for your class this year.

This will be you, when you see how much variety you get in our classroom theme packs.

Welcome Back to School

Whether you are staying in the same classroom or perhaps moving, deciding on a fresh new classroom theme idea for your classroom can be tricky. Our classroom theme packs include everything you will need to freshen up your classroom. Some of us like bright and vibrant colors, others prefer calming and tranquil themes. Whatever you are after, we have something to suit your style.

Our classroom theme packs include a range of classroom posters and templates to ‘dress up’ the bulletin boards in your classroom.

Tranquil Classroom Theme Ideas

If you are wanting to move away from the rainbow classroom trend towards something a little calmer, then we have a range of options for you.

This stunning watercolor theme pack is a fantastic place to start. The cooling colors of green and blue will create a tranquil environment for your students.

Calming classroom theme ideas

More calming classroom theme ideas…

Bright and Fun Classroom Theme Ideas

There’s something about a bright and vibrant classroom that gets little kids excited! We can’t get enough of this Pineapple Classroom Theme idea! Not only is it bright and fun – you just can’t help but smile when you see the range of gorgeous printable classroom display templates!

Finish off your fruity theme by displaying the [FREE] download positivity poster.

“Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.” – Kat Gaskin

Fun classroom theme ideas...

Who can? Toucan! Hold onto your flamingoes – this funky tropical classroom theme idea is simply amazing!

Colorful classroom theme idea

Other bright and cheery classroom theme ideas…

Cactus Classroom Decor

Everyone’s going crazy for a cactus classroom theme – are you?

We have a huge collection of templates to use to really make your cactus-themed classroom pop this school year.

Cactus classroom theme ideas

More classroom theme ideas…

Camping Classroom Themes

You’ll be a happy camper with this awesome camping classroom theme. Camping or the great outdoors – it’s up to you!

The colors add to this totally chilled-out classroom theme idea for your classroom!

Camping classroom theme decor

More animal classroom theme ideas…

Hot Air Balloon Classroom Theme

Up, up, and away! This is a newbie to our collection of classroom theme packs – and it’s a goodie!

The pastel colors and gorgeous look are sure to impress your students when they enter your classroom at the start of the year!

Hot air balloon classroom theme ideas


Free Printable First Day of School Signs

If classroom themes are not for you, there are still great ways you can spark some positivity and imagination in your classroom?

We have a range of beautifully illustrated positivity quote posters that will instantly uplift your classroom!

Free posters for the classroom

Here are some more [FREE] download positivity posters…

Are you looking for more FREE resources you can download?

Check out our blog, 100+ Free Printable Classroom Displays and Resources.

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