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8 Amazing Teaching Tools for the Classroom

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Relax! Sit down, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy scrolling through some of these amazing, time saving teaching tools that are all available on Teach Starter!


Random Sentence Selector

Beautifully designed images and sentence starters ready to go! Simply click on the red ‘Go’ button to randomly select a sentence starter and a matching image. No more searching through google images for writing prompts! It is all here ready for you to utilize…

Random Sentence Starter

Random Name Selector

Kids love this! If you need to pick someone for a classroom job, or to answer a question, simply put your students’ names in our random name selector and click the red ‘Go!’ button!

Random Name Selector

Create your own Handwriting Sheets

That’s right! You can create your very own handwriting sheets right here. Pick your preferred font and handwriting lines and type whatever content you would like. Perhaps it is focusing on a particular letter, number, or sight word! It’s so easy! Read our blog The Best Handwriting Worksheet Generator! for a step-by-step guide on how to use this widget.

Create your own Handwriting Sheets

Create your own Student Avatars

Amazing! Create your very own student avatars for your classroom! Kids love it! Use their images on the front door at the beginning of the school year, or use them to display who is in what center or small group! You can even use them to mark your students’ cubbies, desks, or take-home book bags.  The possibilities are endless!!

Student Avatars



Unit Plans Too..

Our selection of teaching unit plans is increasing all the time! Extremely experienced teachers are creating engaging unit plans linked to the curriculum! Matching activities, worksheets, and games are all included in our unit plans!

Unit Plans

Create Word Walls

Create word walls of your students’ sight words, new vocabulary, or technical vocabulary such as science or technology words. Add to our already developed word lists, or create your very own word list to suit your class.

Word Walls

Word Wall

Customize Desk Plates

Pick from our huge variety of desk plates and choose your preferred font and font lines!


Create Word Searches

Create your own word searches by simply typing in the words you want and the preferred size of the word search box. Once this is done, click the green ‘Download’ button and your word search is made! It is really just that easy!!

Word Search Template


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