8 IKEA Hacks for the Classroom


Written by Alison Smith

Who doesn’t love IKEA hacks? The brilliance of IKEA hacks lies in the creativity, affordability, and the do-ability of these ideas.

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In the true spirit of making your life easier and bringing some creative buzz to your classroom, I have found some brilliant IKEA hacks just for teachers!

IKEA Hacks – Flip Frames

The IKEA Tolsby Hack is brilliant! It is super versatile because you can use both sides of the frame, it’s cheap as chips and it’s totally doable.

We loved the idea of using the frame as a flip-chart frame so much, that we even re-created some of our most popular Literacy and Mathematics display posters in the correct size for the IKEA Tolsby frame.

Our Tolsby frame teaching resources include:

Check out how @movemountainsinkindergarten has used the Tolsby frame to create digraph and trigraph flip-book!

For more information on how to get the most out of this IKEA hack, read Holly’s blog The Tolsby Frame | The Best IKEA Hack for Teachers.

IKEA Hacks – Craft Material Storage

We love this clever use of the infamous IKEA RÅSKOG Trolley by @misswclassroom. This trolley is the perfect height for little people and a great storage solution for school supplies. It’s the perfect accessory for any makerspace, literacy and math centers, or creative corner.

Top tip: Establish a student helper system to keep the classroom craft tray tidy.

For more information on the power of giving your students responsibility in the classroom, read my blog Sharing Responsibility in the Classroom | Classroom Jobs.

IKEA Hacks – Flexible Seating


Kids love having flexible options for seating. @abcswithmrsg has done a great job of creating a reading corner with different seating options by using the IKEA BUNSÖ Children’s easy chair.

For more information on the benefits of flexible seating arrangements in the classroom and for a sneak peek into some inspiring classrooms read our blog A Student-Designed Flexible Seating Classroom Tour.

IKEA Hacks – Book Display

When it comes to IKEA hacks for the classroom, it’s not just about being practical and organized. Sometimes, it’s about bringing something homey to the classroom, adding some warmth, and inspiring imaginations!

I love this FLISAT Doll’s house/wall shelf (and have one in my daughter’s bedroom). I hadn’t considered using it the classroom before I spotted this from @thealchemicalclassroom! What a brilliant idea to add props and figures to the display to inspire reading and writing. IKEA Hacks are the best.

 IKEA Hacks – Parent Communication Board

This MÅLA Easel is great value and so versatile. It’s brilliant to use as a parent notice board outside of your classroom. IKEA hacks are brilliant because of one idea often leads to the next…

IKEA Hacks – Phonics Wheel

OMG, I’m totally in love with one of the best IKEA hacks around. Miss Izzy @thestructuredspectrum can hold her head high with this level of genius.

The IKEA LUSTIGT Wheel of Fortune game at the bargain price of $29.99 can be transformed into a phonics wheel, word wheel or a number wheel. You could even attach name labels to create a random name generator! 

IKEA Hacks – Water Bottle Storage

One of my favorite IKEA hacks is the clever use of this SKUBB Hanging shoe organizer with 16 useful pockets. They are such a bargain at $5.99 each and they can be used in so many ways!

I love to join two together to create a clutter-free water bottle storage solution.

IKEA Hacks – Parent Pockets

Say goodbye to abandoned or lost parent notes! If you’re a Pre-K or Kindergarten teacher, you could make your teacher life a lot easier by joining two together with a few velcro dots and creating the all-time parent pockets.

Parent pockets are one of my top ten must-haves for classroom organization. They can be used to pass on notes for individual students as well as for parents to access take-home letters and important information. You’ll find it so much easier to post take-home letters, notes, and flyers into these easy to reach parent pockets. What’s more, parents and guardians will love you for it too!

For more simple ideas that will help to improve your classroom organization, read my blog 10 Simple Steps to Improve Classroom Organization.

There are so many more genius IKEA hacks out there, but it’s time for me to get down to IKEA!

I would love to hear from you and for you to share your ideas. Sharing is caring #teachstarterus.

Make your classroom buzz! Subscribe to Teach Starter and access thousands of curriculum-aligned resources and digital learning tools. Get Started

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