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You may have heard word of a new feature called ‘Studio’. It’s something that we have been working on over the past few months.

We’re happy to announce that our Ultimate Plan members have been given early access to the beta version! You’ll now notice a ‘Studio’ button in the main menu bar.

What is Teach Starter Studio?

Teach Starter Studio is a new way for you to seamlessly create, edit and share custom resources.

Essentially, it is a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ editor. What you see on the page is what you get when you download the PDF. This makes the editing and creation process much more intuitive.

To begin with, Ultimate members will have access to our customisable word walls, name tags, desk plates and welcome signs. We will gradually roll out more features over the coming months, including integration with our existing tools, access to our bank of illustrations and much more.

Studio will become an integral component of Teach Starter, pulling together our range of resources and tools into one unified platform.


  • Content – the content you add to create your custom resource. This could be students’ names, vocabulary words, labels or anything else you need!
  • Resources – our collection of over 20,000 pages of premium teaching resources. A growing selection of these will be made available to use in Studio.
  • Tools – our range of tools, including word search, maths worksheets and label creators will be added to studio – plus some new tools we’re working on!
  • Customise – our customisable resources can be modified in Studio. Previously, these customisable resources only allowed members to enter words into a form to generate a pdf file. Now you’ll be able to see the finished product as you type!

We plan on progressively rolling out new features over the coming months, making studio even more useful. Our ultimate goal is to allow our members to create more personal, custom resources to suit their needs and the needs of their students.

We certainly welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing what you think of Teach Starter Studio! If you have any questions, please email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help!


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