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When traditional teaching gets thrown out the window and virtual classrooms are the new norm, things can get a little stressful. There are so many digital learning tools out there – and they all have their pros and cons.

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Not only do you have to find the right one for you and your students, you also have to learn how to use it while continuing to prepare engaging and educational lessons for your class. It can become overwhelming at the best of times!

If only there was a one-stop-shop for all of your digital teaching needs…

Let me introduce to you – Assess.

Why is Assess the Best Digital Learning Tool?

We know teachers have been navigating the ins and outs of digital teaching for the past few weeks. We’ve been working hard to provide you with a program that suits every aspect of your remote teaching life.

With Assess, you’ll be able to do it all. And, you can access it easily from your Teach Starter Dashboard.

Click on the links below to find out how Assess can work for you.

On top of this, Assess lets you collate and compare student results to give you a complete picture of their educational journey while they’re learning online.

The best part? It’s free.

Navigating Your Way Through Assess


Curriculum-Aligned Digital Activities

Assess is the perfect online learning tool for curriculum-aligned activities and lessons. With dozens of curriculum-aligned templates available at your fingertips, you’ll never be lost for ideas. You can either save and edit these templates to cater to the needs of your students, or copy them over and assign them immediately. Forgotten to assign a task? No problem!

Students and teachers can access their dashboard in a web browser, or on a tablet or phone through the My Teach Starter App.

Assess - The Online Learning Tool for Teachers - Access on a web browser or in the My Teach Starter App

Can’t find a template that suits your needs? Create an activity from scratch. You can even link curriculum codes to the questions you create yourself to make sure you are ticking all the boxes. Simply search for your keywords in the curriculum code box.

The variety of question types available in Assess means that you can create any activity your teacher-heart can dream of!

  • Pre- and Post-Tests
  • Lesson Warm-Ups
  • Brain Breaks
  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Surveys
  • Worksheets
  • Tests
  • Ice-Breakers
  • Practice Questions

The flexibility in activity creation means that differentiation has never been easier. Simply copy an activity, adjust as necessary, and assign it to the relevant students.

If you need to share your activities with another teacher, you can do this too! All you need is their Teach Starter account email. Free users can create and share up to 5 activities at a time, whereas for premium Teach Starter members, the sky’s the limit!

Remote Classroom for Daily Student/Teacher Communication

Your students will have access to a virtual classroom, allowing them to see all of their assigned activities and results in one easy place.

Add a student to your class list, and they’ll automatically be generated an account. Once they log in, they’ll be able to complete activities and receive feedback once it has been graded. As soon as a student starts an activity, the teacher can see it in their results center – this means you can keep track of who has attended lessons that day.

Assess - Online Learning Tool (FREE!)

The lessons themselves can be made super engaging by adding a theme or pattern. Your students will be happy to begin as soon as they are assigned!

Take a look at how an activity will flow for your students.


Once they’re done, teachers can grade their work (either manually or through pre-filled in answers) and send the feedback back to the student immediately. This means that you’ll be able to regularly track student work and understanding. 

Not ready to share a task? Create it and set it to be assigned at a future date. It will show up on the student’s dashboard when you want it to.

Online Learning That Supports Student Wellbeing

Nothing can replace a face-to-face relationship between students and teachers. No matter how hard you try, there will never be anything as good as a comforting hug, or seeing a student’s face light up when they have their “a-ha!” moment. We know that the wellbeing of your students is a big priority when you’re not able to see them every day.

While you can’t see your students in person, with Assess we hope to make this distance a little easier by allowing you to create digital experiences that will connect you with your students.


Why not upload a video or photo daily to check-in, and ask your students how their day went? Alternatively, if you know a student is struggling with morale and motivation, create a personalized check-in just for them.

Assess - The online learning tool for teachers - give students a mindfulness break.

For students who may need a little extra help with the lessons themselves, Assess offers the option to have the question read out loud, or the text size made larger. They can leave a question and come back to it, or even exit an activity and attempt it again later in the day.

The real-time reporting function lets you keep up-to-date with student progress and understanding – this will help them stay on track and motivated.

What About Lesson Activities From Outside Assess?

If you’re concerned about keeping track of activities that have been completed out of Assess, never fear!

As you can upload any image to Assess, you can easily keep a record of your student’s completed work – this includes posters, dioramas, art activities, presentations, and other worksheets.

For some, completing ONLY digital activities isn’t an appealing thought. However, you can still keep all of your reporting and grading in one place.


Not only this, you can also provide that student with feedback on the alternative work they have submitted. What’s more, you can ask them for feedback on activities as well!

Track, Analyze, and Report on Student Results

With Assess, you spend more time creating engaging learning activities, and less time grading. This is due to the self-grading questions that do the hard work for you!

As you’re creating the activity, simply fill the correct answer in the Teacher View and the rest is taken care of.

Once your students have completed their tasks, all of their results will be ready for you to view. You can view their grade automatically, or take a more hands-on approach and manually grade each assessment piece. This means that you can adjust the auto-graded result manually if need be.

Assess - The online learning tool for teachers - auto-marking saves so much time.

Then, simply send your grades back to students or keep private for your eyes only!

You can access all your students’ grades on a particular activity in one handy place. The collated results can even be viewed by points, curriculum code, percentage achieved, or as a letter grade. It’s super flexible and can be organized to suit any school requirements.

And of course, we couldn’t pull all this together without reassuring you – your data and security is our top priority. All of your students’ results are stored safely and locally in your account.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Assess and see how it can make your life easier today.

Make your classroom buzz! Subscribe to Teach Starter and access thousands of curriculum-aligned resources and digital learning tools. Get Started

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Betty Chomba · Apr 23rd, 2020


Hello Betty! We are happy to hear you like our new product as much as we do!! We are so excited about it and hope that it helps make digital teaching a bit easier for you!

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Leonor Rivadeneyra · Apr 18th, 2020


Thank you Leonor! We are so glad you like it! We are very excited about this product and can’t wait for you and your students to use it!

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