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Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! What an amazing opportunity for you to do some active learning and find out about the benefits of physical fitness with your class.

Held annually, this month aims to bring attention to the importance of staying active by participating in physical activity.

FREE Active Learning Resources | Getting Fit and Physical in the Classroom

Not only is physical fitness great for little bodies (and grown-up ones!), but it also does wonderful things for little minds.

A study from the University of Illinois showed that children who are physically fit are more likely to perform better in school and achieve higher grades!

What better reason do you need to embrace the benefits of physical fitness in your classroom? Let us help you with some amazing fitness games and activities your students will love. Not only are they amazingly fun resources, but they are also designed specifically with learning in mind.

Active Learning Activities for Your Classroom

Get out to play, and #moveinMay this Physical Fitness and Sports Month! We have some amazing resources to help you and your class do just that!

Physical Fitness Month

FREE Weekly Active Learning Guides

These amazing FREE resources give your class everything they need to get active with their learning.

We think staying active in the classroom is important so we have created weekly active learning guides to get you through the month of May! Each day of the week focuses on a different learning area, and the activities are sure to get your students out of their seats and learning – all at the same time!

Why just stick to May? The best thing is that these resources are also in editable Word format – you can re-use them again and again!

Tick off your TEKS links and have fun while doing it:

  • Mondays we are ‘Moving in Mathematics
  • Tuesdays it is ‘Grammar on the Go’
  • Wednesdays we have ‘Physical Phonics‘ for k–1 and 2–3, and  ‘Shuffling Through Science‘ for 4–5
  • Thursdays we are ‘Speeding Around Spelling
  • Fridays we are doing the ‘Sight Word Shuffle’ for k–1 and ‘Vocabulary with Vigor’ for 2–3 and 4–5!

These Active Learning Guide Resource Packs provide you with a weekly guide, and links to resources you will need for the week.

Get ready for Week 1!

Let’s Get Active in Kindergarten and Grade 1 – Week 1

Active Learning - Let's Get Active Week 1

Use this planning guide and set of resources to get your students active and learning in the early primary years.

This resource pack includes everything you will need to get your kindergarten and first-grade students up and moving during week 1.

Here’s a taste of what’s in this pack:

Let’s Get Active in Grades 2 and 3 – Week 1

Active Learning - Let's Get Active Week 1

This resource pack includes everything you will need to get your grade 2 and 3 students active during week 1. Let’s get our students to #moveinMay!

Let’s Get Active in Grades 4 and 5 – Week 1

Active Learning - Let's Get Active Week 1

Your older students will love the opportunity to get active in the classroom and practice their mental math skills, as well as their parts of speech, and quick thinking skills in the vocabulary with vigor!

You don’t need much to use this amazing resource pack! Download the Active Learning Guide for Grades 4 and 5 – Week 1 and Giant Letter Tiles with Numbers – Uppercase, and you’re ready to go.

Keep an eye out as the rest of the weeks are released over the rest of the month!

Additional Fun Classroom Fitness

If you’re hungry for more, we have plenty of fitness related classroom resources to help your class get physical!

For some fun brain break active learning ideas, you can’t go past our Learning Through Play | Active Learning Games blog! It’s jam-packed full of resources from our Active Learning Resource Pack.

Active Learning Games

If you’re after some pure and simple fitness games to give your kids’ brains a rest, then we can help with that too!

Resources such as our Fitness Bingo are the perfect go-to activity when your students just need a little bit of movement.

Active Learning Resources - Fitness Bingo

Your students will have such a great time moving their bodies and being healthy at school. The options are endless when it comes to experiencing the benefits of physical activity in the classroom!

Download our FREE Active Learning Guides and  #MoveInMay this National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

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